Cognitive Psychology in Digital Marketing
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Marketing and psychology work hand in hand to understand individual desires, needs, wants and their feedback. Consumer actions are naturally driven by the target audience’s mindset. According to the point of view brought forward by Chathura Wijekoon – Associate Project Coordinator at eBlix Technologies, professional member of the Chartered Institute for IT formally known as the BCS (British Computer Society), author of the  CSM Lessons (Free knowledge sharing blog on Computer Services Management  for university ICT students), when the marketers take consumer psychology insights into consideration in their programmes, buyers can be addressed more effectively to make them intended to buy a product or pay for a service. There are seven concepts in psychology that are used by eBlix marketers to incorporate the insights into their programmes. This article is about those online marketing concepts.

1. Cognitive Psychology in Persuasion Architecture

Persuasion Architecture for conversion is the main topic discussed herein. The web designer should have the ability to persuade the visitor that the path to purchase or pay is very simple to be followed. Typically the target is not just motivating a visitor to pay for something. It could be directing a visitor to go through an article, a post or a message. Minimalist design concept may prove this theory.

Persuasion architecture can be effectively used by two ways

Implicit Directional Cues: The visual components on the screen that imply the objects with some sort of prioritization through visual weight. They are less obvious visual cues. For instance, some attributes of objects like their color, shape and size can be identified.

Explicit Directional Cues: They are more obvious visual cues. They often take the shape of an arrow or curve that explicitly catches the viewer’s eye and forwards to the call-to-action buttons or links.

2. Emotion Driven Behavior

There is a possibility to convert the buyers emotionally by storytelling and persuasive subject lines or compelling headings. Many TV commercials can be identified as a proven practical approach for this theory. Many researches reflects that most of the buyers tend to buy something first based on their emotions. Therefore the buyers should be emotionally addressed by the marketer.

3. Social Proof

Human being is a social creature. Therefore the man admires what the others say about something based on their experience. If the target audience sees others doing the same or are told others did the same, the target crowd is engaged with those expressions naturally. Embedding testimonials and FB widgets and tweets helps the digital marketers to sale the products online.

4. Scarcity and Loss Aversion

Almost all the human beings tend to have pleasure, fun and happiness while running away from pain and sorrow. For sure, you have ever seen the messages like “Limited Edition, Don’t Miss Out, and Seasonal Offer” on websites. Because the digital marketers have identified the visitor’s pain when he knows that the he has missed the chance to buy something for the best price. On the other hand, when people see such messages, they are more likely to buy.

5. Reciprocity

Practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit is called “Reciprocity”. The offering value must be acceptable to the customer. This is the basic idea of this digital marketing concept.

6. Commitment and Consistency

Almost the people like to keep in touch with a business as it gives a special treatment for the customers like maintaining a rewording scheme or letting the customers follow the business organisation in different social media such as Facebook and Twitter. People keep trust on a seller if the seller’s word is worth to keep trust.

7. Anchoring

Anchoring is known as a heuristic which explains the general human interest to be highly dependent on the first piece of information received by the customer or the website visitor in case of making decisions. This is called the anchoring effect of the buyers who are engaged in digital marketing. Making effective judgments quickly and efficiently is a mental shortcut that natively inherited to the human.


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